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A Notebook computer is a must for all business people on the go. Whether you are a banker, accountant, businessman, university student or a creative pro, everyone has to have a Notebook computer. Big decisions nowadays are which brand, what type, which OS what specs etc.

Leading brands are HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Sony, Asus & Toshiba. American brands are considered more prestigious as they are more commonly standardized in large companies but Asian brands are also very reliable. most of them are manufactured in China.

Important thing to decide is whether user needs 15.6″ that is considered pretty much standard or a small display size such as 13″ or 11″ depending upon how much traveling is done with it as the weight is directly proportional to the size. It also depends if large spreadsheets etc are to be used then 15.6″ is more suitable. Some people also also use 17″ Notebook that is basically a desktop replacement that is seldom to move from it’s location.

Inmost cases 4GB RAM & 500 GB Hard Disk is sufficient to do regular office work but 8GB RAM & 1 TB Hard Disk models are available at almost the same price or with very little difference so it is better to shop around and search the net for better specs in same budget and do not rush into buying anything quickly.  Semiconductor Storage Drives (SSD) are also becoming popular but these are somewhat expensive and smaller in storage. Hybrid drives are also coming in some models that have mass storage on conventional Hard Disk and frequently used data on a small high speed SSD to make it more efficient in price performance ratio.

Another important thing to decide is the Operating System (OS). Although Microsoft Windows has largest user base but many people think it is not very reliable OS. So some people switch to Mac OS but it is more expensive.

Tablets are also an alternative to Notebooks that is increasingly becoming popular due to ease of their use but it has it’s limitations.


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