Digital Signage and Videowall solutions



Samsung and Philips are global leaders in providing Digital Signage Solutions such as Advertising signs for shops and Malls, Kiosks, & Videowalls for corporate conference rooms.

A wide array of Large Format Displays (LFD) are used for this purpose ranging from 43″ to 95″ sizes that are available for indoor or outdoor signage purposes. Minimum illumination or brightness level used for outdoor sgns is 700 cdm or higher while for indoor purpose it may be as low as 350 cdm as long as indoor sign is not at store front window.

For Videowall application LFD must be with narrow bezel to create full impact of Videowall.

Most LFDs are equipped with built in storage to run contents on freestanding basis. They are also equipped ith various ports to run contents from other devices that can also be uploaded through internet from a remote location in case of a multi store chain etc.

All LFDs have built in software to run basic functions such as scheduling to run different messages at specified times and days etc. There are several software and utilities are available for advance features.

A creative sign board helps bring in more customers into the shop / store and ultimately pays for itself through incremental business that is generated through creative messages on the Digital Signboard.

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